Example 1154: TomTom 550 Bracket for Harley Davidson Road King (2019 Model)



[...] I have now ordered the holder for 25.4 mm in silver. Maybe the color scheme fits yes to the Harley. Otherwise, I will look for me in the next winter break a company that gives me the holder perhaps chromed and thereby the areas of the ball and the counterpart where the ball comes in omits. Let's see. Am in any case glad that I have now found a suitable Navi holder, which is not so globig in appearance.


As soon as I have my Navi, it will now but a TomTom 550, I will gladly send you photos for your Homepag.


Thanks again for your advice and efforts. [...]

If ever a customer regarding HD Road King and your holder need information from a user, you are welcome to pass on my email contact.

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